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Last updated: 2021-12-05 15:40:33

Rehabilitation work under way at Mt Salem Primary and Infant School
Managing Director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Omar Sweeney, says that rehabilitation work on the Mount Salem Primary and Infant School in St James is well underway. The rehabilitation work at the school is in the region of $...

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Today's Issue Published: Sunday, December 5, 2021
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US$100-million gap

Nearly US$100 million or more than J$13 billion in payments made by Clarendon Alumina Production (CAP) over a four-year period to its joint venture partner in the Jamalco refinery cannot be accounted for, a leaked preliminary treasury and financial...

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Century-old laws targeted

Barbados transition to a republic last week has reignited talks locally of removing Queen Elizabeth as Jamaicas head of state after more than a quarter-century of dithering. Prime Minister Andrew Holness last weekend also hinted at steps being...

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LOCAL PREMIER League clubs appear set to continue their new thrust of focusing on young players, with a paradigm shift aimed at capitalising fully on the business of football to make money. The trend of clubs fielding mostly youngsters kicked in...

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KPMG outsourcing unit doubles workforce, adds second location

KPMG Jamaica has doubled its outsourcing workforce from 250 to 500 in a year, and is still in the process of hiring more people, having co-invested in expanded facilities. The rapid expansion of subsidiary business KPMG Jamaica Extended Support...

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Sunset showers bless Groundation for Pee Wee at Inna de Yard

In Rastafari, the touching of the ‘groun signifies the unification of the body and the Earth, and when the element of rain is added to that synergy, the showers are hailed as blessings. For that reason, the rain did not mark the end of the...

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Editorial | Compromising with the police

We take it as a good sign that the Police Federation, the union of rank-and-file cops, has, over the past week, largely gone quiet on their money dispute with the Government. The assumption is that they are negotiating. When people are around a...

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Dream House | Arcadia Estate takes you back in time

Is time travel possible? This very question has fascinated humanity from the ninth century BC, including fiction writers, philosophers and scientists. Today, astrophysicists and other leading researchers believe travelling back through time will be...

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In Focus

Imani Tafari-Ama | Marital rape is not sexy

When Burnett Robinson, senior pastor of the Grand Concourse Church in the Bronx, preached his sermon on November 13, he did not know it would be his last. But he dug his own professional grave with his words. The Seventh-day-Adventist Church was...

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Art & Leisure

Bookland – labour of love keeps them going

“This is our calling and this is what we love to do,” says Bookland co-owner, Suzzanne Lee, adding that her business has seen better days prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Lee and her husband have had to finance their 54-year-old store...

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Ceramicare Limited paving the way for the automotive industry

Troy Grant and Ithamar Thorpe are no ordinary business partners, as they formed their relationship through a magical moment. “Originally, it was to be three of us holding down the fort, as auto mechanics. But, the individual that introduced me...

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